Contact Center

CRM Service contact center

MPC has adopted the contact center outsourcing service, as the first of the country.

It offers a CRM service through various customer contact points. With 26 years of experience in operation, it executes the operation of a stable contact center.

Contact Center

Service Type

MPC effectively operates various services according to the need and request of Client Company.

Full Outsourcing
It is a Turn-key type outsourcing service that the personnel (agent, manager) of MPC in the contact center of MPC provides.
On-site Outsourcing
It is an outsourcing service that the personnel of MPC carries out the counseling task in the client company’s own contact center.

Type of Service Task

  • Inbound Service
    A service that handles incoming calls to
    the contact center
  • Outbound Service
    A service that carries out marketing
    and sales activities To those who have
    already agreed for this service
  • Research Service
    A service that executes various surveys
    and customer satisfaction research
    For the marketing strategy of company

Productivity · Quality Management

MPC guarantees the improvement of productivity and strict quality management.
MPC provides the effective and systematic contact center operation service by strictly managing goals for agent’s productivity and quality management

Productivity Management

MPC provides the Call Center A to Z Total Service, from operation to establishment.

MPC is the unique company of Korea that offers both the contact center establishment and operation execution.

Therefore, the outsourcing service of MPC’s contact center is provided with the most advanced CTI/ITI-based facility, supporting agent application, and long-term experience of operation. Through MPC’s specialized contact center operation and effective productivity/quality management, MPC guarantees and effectively operates the contact center of client companies.

  • System(Infrastructure)
    CTI/ITI Technology-Based
    Contact Center
  • Support
    TM/DBM-exclusive package
    program TeleWeb, TeleVoice,
  • Operation
    Operation Experience over 26 years
MPC provides service based on the analysis of customer’s request.

Excellent Specialized Human Resource, Most Advanced Contact Center System, Contact Center Operation Strategy and Support

Possessing competent contact center managers-possessing the experience and know-how that has been stored with the growth of the local contact center
Employment and management of excellent human resource- regular employment system in the employment exclusive part
Effective change of occupation management & operation of motivation program
Infrastructure & System
Possessing company’s own contact center facility - possessing training and rest facility for the convenience of agents
Equipped with counseling Application, recording system, CTI system
Guaranteeing the stability of the system and development of customer-oriented programs
An effective operation process
Carrying out the systematic Full/In-house outsourcing by MPC’s own operation manual
A client-oriented service-setting the direction of contact center operation according to the circumstances of the clients and strategies
Drawing the direction of contact center improvement by analysis of counseling
Suggesting a process for the improvement of client tasks