Contact Center Solution

CRM Solution contact center solution

Constructing a Contact Center for a Client Company with
MPC’s verified knowhow and technical skills. Performing
consulting and constructing IPCC using AVAYA’s verified products


  • Constructing a Contact Center of IP base
  • Providing optimized solutions considering
    Client Company’s state
  • Maximizing Customer Satisfaction
    by providing the response rate
    of a Client Company and consultant
    convenience at most
  • Constructing IPCC using
    AVAYA’s verified products

IPCC Constructing Effects

  • Client-oriented Service
    • Client inspiration Service
      • - Multi-channel (PSTN, E-mail, VMS, Web Collaboration, video telephone) integration
      • - Accepting various demands of clients
    • Effective communication using IP
      • - 24 hour Access through Web
  • Profit center
    • Increase of Sales
    • Curtailment of expenditure (construction cost, labor cost reduction)
    • Differentiated Customer Management, Improvement of Enterprise Computability
  • Improvement of Enterprise Computability
    • Improvement of Enterprise Computability by Next Generation multi contact center of IP Web
    • Flexible and quick response corresponding to enterprise environment changes
    • Accepting multimedia technology

IPCC Solution

  • AVAYA CM (switchboard)
    • Telephone connection for consultants
    • call for AVAYA IC(CTI) process control
    • Telephone for automatic answering and information
    • switchboard control and transfer and control of customer information key value
  • AVAYA CMS(statistic server)
    • A statistic server of switch board REC(IP Recording)
  • REC(IP Recording)
    • Video recording of the consultation contents
  • IP Phone(Telephone)
    • Telephone based on IP


A recording tool solution of Contact Center based on VoIP

TeleVoice is aVoIP based digital recording system which compresses voice recording and consultation
content data into digital audio technology and sendsit through the network web to server and converts
to DB file which then can save and search voice information and consult information

televoice disital recording system

Resil Logger

ALL IP based MPC recording system considering stability, economics, and
expandability Resil Logger, Resilience Logger,

is All-IP based IP-Recording System that provides faithful recording server function and 1+1 stability,
which can save contract content that occurs during telephone task and data in case of legal actions
which then has legal force.

resil logger
resil logger 웹컴포넌트 기반의 모듈화 구성 : 실시간 감청-녹취중인상담파일을 바로 클리해서 실시간 청취,청취 플레이어-다양한 조회 조건으로 필요한 파일 청취, 시스템모니터링- 채널 관련 모니터링을 웹 화면을 통해 원격에서 진행, 웹기반 인터페이스-네트워크 스위치에서 패킥을 분석 직접 녹음, 다양한 검색-웹기반 인터페이스로 다양한 검색